Mainlander Series Horse Truck - Mainland Coachwork Ltd

Mainlander Series Horse Truck

Mainland Coachwork’s Horse Truck Mainlander series will comfortably suit 2 – 3 horses and is a perfect entry level model.



  • Three horse Mainlander Series horse coach delivered in February 2019
  • Underfloor storage
  • Mainland Coachwork stainless steel sliding divider gate system
  • Interior décor colours and coverings – your choice form our range at Mainland Coachwork Ltd
Puddle Jumper

 Puddle Jumper

  • ​Three horse Horse Coach delivered in January 2017
  • LED lighting throughout living and horse areas
  • Separate shower/toilet
  • Raised floor in living for under floor hay locker
  • All wall and ceiling fabrics, floor coverings, blinds and kitchen joinery colours can be chosen to suit your style from our range at Mainland Coachwork.


  • Delivered in 2017.
  • Built to carry three Clydesdales or small tractor and mower.
  • Pull-out double bed in seating area.
  • Kymira bench top.
  • Customised entry door hand rail.